K-12 Schools

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Create the ideal learning environment for your school classroom

Moodle’s adaptability and engaging learning activities make it the number one LMS for all kinds of young learners, whether in traditional K-12 schools, distance education or home study.

..”At times it surpasses the physical classroom..”

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Hear how Ross Manson describes the benefits using Moodle has brought to the teachers and students of the School of Isolated and Distance Education in Western Australia.

As a school educator using Moodle, you’ll be able to

Keep in touch

Communicate via messaging, forums, mobile notifications. No excuses for missing deadlines!

Tailor assessments to your teaching

Assess formatively or summatively with custom grading scales and rubrics. Use marking workflows to control grade release.

InnovationWork smarter

Engage students with Moodle’s collaborative tools and get feedback to enhance your teaching

Global marketing presenceMonitor progress

Use Moodle’s powerful learning analytics to ensure learners are kept on task and those at risk get the support they need.

Reward success

Motivate your classes with digital rewards for participation and activity completion.